Market Reports

A New Housing Policy In Portland Requires Landlords To Pay Huge Relocation Fee
The housing policy requiring a landlords to pay relocations fees has passed in Portland, Oregon.
Portland to Force Exorbitant Fees on Landlords in Rushed Session
Portland is proposing a new ordinance on February 2, 2017 that would require landlords to pay exorbitant relocation fees for evicting tenants or raising rent by a certain amount. Watch this video to see what Nick Krautter has to say about it.
Sell PDX Supports Central City Concern on KGW News
Sell PDX and Nick Krautter were featured recently on KGW News for contributing to donations made to Central City Concern, a nonprofit that works to solve the homelessness problem in Portland, Oregon.
Nick Krautter Talks about Portland’s Home Energy Score Proposal on Xray in the Morning
Read this article to learn more about the Portland home energy score, and how it will impact you if you're planning to buy or sell a house.
Sellpdx Team sponsors Home for the Holidays and Central City Concern
We're proud to announce that the Sellpdx team is a major sponsor this year for the Home for the Holidays campaign to help fight homelessness in its hometown of Portland, Oregon. The campaign will run through Thanksgiving weekend and benefit Central City Concern, a Portland-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing pathways to self-sufficiency through active intervention in poverty and homelessness.
Crush It! Oregon Asso. of Realtors 2016 Convention
On Friday, Sept. 30th at 8:30 AM Nick Krautter will discuss The Golden Handoff. This 3 day event is being[...]
Inventory on Hold | Portland Inventory Report | February 2017
With Portland's real estate inventory on hold after the winter hangover, prices continue to rise, keeping it a Seller's market.
Snowpocalypse Ices Sales | Portland Sales Volume Report | February 2017
Pending sales in Portland decreased, so expect a drop in sales next month due to an uptick of interest rates and a hangover from delayed activity due to the snow.
Will Higher Interest Rates Cool the Market? | Portland Sales Volume Report | December 2016
Will Higher Interest Rates Cool the Market? 813 homes sold in Portland this November which is 42 more than October.[...]
How Fast is Portland’s Population Growing?
The population of Portland, Oregon has increased dramatically over recent years. In fact, the population increased by about 80 people a day last year, resulting in a 1.7% growth rate according to the United States Census Bureau. The total population is now roughly 2.4 million people.
Can you get a good deal in Portland?
The 2017 real estate market in Portland, Oregon is taking off like a rocket ship after a winter delay. While the hot market is great for owners and sellers it begs the question. Can you get a good deal in Portland?
Portland’s New Home Energy Score Proposal
There’s a new bill being proposed in Portland, Oregon, and it's getting a lot of attention. This bill is intended to help combat climate change by requiring an energy audit and home energy score for home sellers.
No One Likes Surprises: The Election and Portland Real Estate
No one likes surprises, and for most people in Portland, Oregon the election results were a shock. In my experience when people are in shock they often pull back from making big life decisions, such as buying or selling a home. Read to learn more about how the election results will affect the real estate market.
It’s Property Tax Time Again!: Property Tax in Portland Oregon
It’s property tax time again, so you should start receiving your property tax statement in the mail here in the coming days and weeks. And don’t be surprised to see a hike in your tax bill.
Portland to Get Even More Crowded
Portland Population Growth Oregon continues to lead the nation as the most popular state to move to. If you thought it[...]