Snowpocalypse Chills Inventory | Portland Inventory Report | January 2017

By Nick Krautter | Market Reports

Snowpocalypse Chills Inventory | Portland Inventory Report | January 2017

January 22, 2017

Snowpocalypse Chills Inventory

The terrible weather has the metro inventory down 33% from November to December. Seller’s wisely decided to wait out the bad weather, but with fewer homes to choose from, prices should hold through the winter and are poised to jump again in 2017. Interest rates spiked up but remain historically low, which should keep the market busy, ultimately favoring Sellers.

This localized home inventory report helps give context to the metro statistics that often make headlines. Real estate is a local affair and this report shows which parts of town and which types of properties are selling and which ones are sitting. Inventory is figured in months with 6 months being balanced, less than 6 months favoring sellers and more than 6 months favoring buyers. I use active listings and 6 months of sold data from the RMLS to create this report.


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Nick Krautter is the author of The Golden Handoff: How to Buy and Sell a Real Estate Agent’s Business which debuted number one on Amazon for mergers and acquisitions. His goal is to teach real estate agents how to grow their business and to help them later retire and benefit from their years of hard work. For the last decade Nick has been a Realtor in Portland, Oregon, where he leads a team and frequently serves as a real estate expert for the media.