Does Your Realtor Have the Right Technology to Sell Your Out of State Home?

By Nick Krautter | How to Guides

Does Your Realtor Have the Right Technology to Sell Your Out of State Home?

October 22, 2015

Systems and Tools for Selling Your Home Out of State

In our previous video articles on selling your home when you’re out of state, we’ve already talked about the importance of experience, service, and flexibility. The last thing you want to look at when choosing a real estate agent is the systems and tools they have to help you sell from out of state.

The first set of tools SellPDX utilizes lets us communicate with our sellers. We use email, FaceTime [for Apple users], and Skype. These communication tools allow us to meet our clients and even tour the property with them. If connection speeds are slow we can take photos to share as well.

For contracts and documents that do not need to be notarized, which is the bulk of what you’ll need to sign, we use a digital signature service called DocuSign. Digital signatures help us get contracts reviewed and signed quickly. If ink signatures are required, we have the less high-tech method of traditional fax and scan to get documents back and forth. A great trick we use if you’re in a remote area is to just use your smart phone or digital camera to take pictures of the contract pages so you can get them back to us.

Finally make sure your agent has a cloud based file sharing system.

We use Dropbox to share large files and also give our clients access to all the documents we have on their property.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read this series on how to sell your home from out of state. If SellPDX can help you in the Portland Oregon area just give us a call or email. If you need help finding an agent in another state, or even country, we can help with that as well since we have agent friends all over the country and world through our company.

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