Home Seller’s Guide
How to Sell a House Each house has its own story. Markets are always changing and the process of selling[...]
Home Buyer’s Guide
The Home Buying Process Congratulations! You’ve made the important decision to buy a home. While it may seem overwhelming, we[...]
How To Sell Your Home From Out Of State
Looking to sell your home from out of state but don't know where to start? Read this guide to find out how.
Buyer University Videos
Thinking about buying a house but not sure where to get started? Watch this short video series to learn how.
Seller University Videos
Looking to Sell? Watch these videos to learn how.
Affordability and Mortgage Rates: Where Were We, and Where Are We Now?
As calculated by Mortgage News Daily, see a comparison of the mortgage rates in July 2006 versus mortgage rates in March 2016.
Census Vacancy Data
One of the data sources we used to create our 2017 Market Report we consulted the Census Housing Vacancies table provides[...]
Portland Rent Control and Inclusionary Zoning: The Laws Behind The Controversies
What are the issues and controversies around rent control and inclusionary zoning in Portland and the state of Oregon? To help readers more fully understand the issue, here are summaries of the laws along with full texts, documentation of their refinements, and supplemental materials.
1997 vs. 2017 | Portland Real Estate
Is it really that much better or worse to buy a home in Portland over the last 20 years? With prices at all time highs here in Portland, Oregon how much more are people spending on average to but an average home?
Thinking About Relocating? Here Are Some Questions To Ask Yourself First
Moving is hard. It’s overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know what you’re really getting yourself into. There’s a lot of factors that make up a great place to live. Unfortunately, these aren’t all things you can discuss with your real estate agent. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself before you make the decision to purchase a home in a new city or town.
VIDEO: High-End Market Trends Explained
There’s some pull-back in the high-end market in Portland, with some decline visible month-over-month. What does this indicate for the rest of the market? Watch Nick’s Facebook Live recap of his presentation above for more.
What does $1 Million Get You In Portland?
There's been a HUGE upswing in the luxury real estate market in Portland Oregon. Nick Krautter of SellPDX talks through just how big this upswing is, and what you can get for 1 million dollars in the current market.
Northeast Broadway
Take a 360 tour with us as we drive down NE Broadway here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Maybe you'll see a favorite place?
360 Videos are Coming Soon!
360 Videos are coming soon! Take virtual home and neighborhood tours right from your computer!