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Home Seller’s Guide
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iBuyers Hiding Reviews?
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Airbnb to give Portland info on all listings. 1,500 unpermitted listings expected to be removed.
After years of legal wrangling between the City of Portland and Airbnb a settlement has been reached. Starting in December[...]
3 Reasons Portland Real Estate Investors Love Winter
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City and State Real Estate featured in Real Producers Magazine
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VIDEO: High-End Market Trends Explained
There’s some pull-back in the high-end market in Portland, with some decline visible month-over-month. What does this indicate for the rest of the market? Watch Nick’s Facebook Live recap of his presentation above for more.
What does $1 Million Get You In Portland?
There's been a HUGE upswing in the luxury real estate market in Portland Oregon. Nick Krautter of SellPDX talks through just how big this upswing is, and what you can get for 1 million dollars in the current market.
Northeast Broadway
Take a 360 tour with us as we drive down NE Broadway here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Maybe you'll see a favorite place?
360 Videos are Coming Soon!
360 Videos are coming soon! Take virtual home and neighborhood tours right from your computer!