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Home Seller’s Guide
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Home Buyer’s Guide
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Oregon Passes Statewide Rent Control
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Prices dropped in Portland, Oregon but it’s not a Buyer’s Market yet…
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Distress Free Portland Oregon? Almost…
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2018 Portland Real Estate Year in Review
Highlights of the 2018 Portland Real Estate Market
The Portland Buyers Window 2019
There is short window for buyers to get the best deals of the year
VIDEO: High-End Market Trends Explained
There’s some pull-back in the high-end market in Portland, with some decline visible month-over-month. What does this indicate for the rest of the market? Watch Nick’s Facebook Live recap of his presentation above for more.
What does $1 Million Get You In Portland?
There's been a HUGE upswing in the luxury real estate market in Portland Oregon. Nick Krautter of SellPDX talks through just how big this upswing is, and what you can get for 1 million dollars in the current market.
Northeast Broadway
Take a 360 tour with us as we drive down NE Broadway here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Maybe you'll see a favorite place?
360 Videos are Coming Soon!
360 Videos are coming soon! Take virtual home and neighborhood tours right from your computer!