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How To Sell Your Home From Out Of State
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Inventory on Hold | Portland Inventory Report | February 2017
With Portland's real estate inventory on hold after the winter hangover, prices continue to rise, keeping it a Seller's market.
A New Housing Policy In Portland Requires Landlords To Pay Huge Relocation Fee
The housing policy requiring a landlords to pay relocations fees has passed in Portland, Oregon.
Snowpocalypse Ices Sales | Portland Sales Volume Report | February 2017
Pending sales in Portland decreased, so expect a drop in sales next month due to an uptick of interest rates and a hangover from delayed activity due to the snow.
Portland to Force Exorbitant Fees on Landlords in Rushed Session
Portland is proposing a new ordinance on February 2, 2017 that would require landlords to pay exorbitant relocation fees for evicting tenants or raising rent by a certain amount. Watch this video to see what Nick Krautter has to say about it.
Northeast Broadway
Take a 360 tour with us as we drive down NE Broadway here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Maybe you'll see a favorite place?
360 Videos are Coming Soon!
360 Videos are coming soon! Take virtual home and neighborhood tours right from your computer!
Case-Shiller Index Shows Shocking Trends In Home Prices
The strong demand for homes in Portland continues to drive prices up. The S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values in 20 US cities shows an increase at an average of 5.8 percent in the last year, while home values in Portland increased 11.1 percent, almost double the national average!
Will My Property Taxes Be Increasing This Year?
If you are wondering how to go about appealing your property taxes, this article has links for how to appeal in each county.